Faded Memories is about memories that are beautiful yet devastating. Through the use of powerful music and the various raw emotions that are evoked, an audio-visual story is told.

Motion design & visual concept

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During the process, a photo serie was made at nighttime in the woods. The woods were covered in fog, and had a mysterious, raw, emotional vibe. It resulted in a serie of photos that layed a foundation for the concept. With this in mind the other visuals were created.

Different songs are used with each one telling its own story, and therefore has memories. By using imagery that matches with the vibe of the music a composition was created that reflects this memory. The distorted composition visualy expresses a feeling of being 'faded', but also visualise the specific emotions.


The video below shows an interactive web experience. On this site you can browse through different memories and explore them. Within each memory there are different fragments each with their unique sound.

All the memories have a correlation with nature, since nature is an endless entity full with memories and stories. Nature can have a true beauty, but can also be truly devastating. By attaching this idea to different visual manifestations it became a whole.