Ambient Lightscape An immersive and unique experience that provides the public space with surreal visuals and ambient lightning. With the use of an interactive platform, that interacts with its users, by altering motion and colors. Thereby improving perception of safety and pleasure.

Installation pitch concept 2016
Project Co-ReUs
Collaboration with Luuk Kuipers


One of many hand made visuals.

Ambient Lightscape is a conceptual installation used during the pitch for Project Co-ReUs. This is part of the Research program ‘Urban Technology’ commissioned by the University of Applied Science in Amsterdam. The aim was to co-create responsive urban spaces and explore the use of technology and visuals to create an interactive installation.

The location of the installation is the boulevard of Bijlmer Arena in Amsterdam. During evening hours, some parts can be experienced as unsafe and unpleasant, due the lack of light and people. This area is marked as the 'focus zone'. The goal is to adapt this zone realtime to its users and thereby improving their quality of visit and perception of safety.


Topview of Bijlmer Boulevard. Marked with the focus zone and installation.


Viewpoint of the focus zone during evening hours. As seen, there is lack of light and entertainment.

By using surreal visuals and bright ambient lighting, users are invited to explore the installation and unconsciously create an alternative route to walk. Thus shifting the focus of the Arena boulevard from its crowded, well provided, centre to the less popular area. This way more people meaning more safety and pleasure. The installation uses colors that are pleasant and relaxing to look at, altering the emotions of its user.


Branding process

To promote Ambient Lightscape, a dynamic logo is designed accompanied with a poster. The logo resembles the shifting emotions and motion of the visuals.